Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Environmental awareness is the responsibility of each and every person working for ELCON We are committed to the prevention of all types of incidents, Pollution, and ill health arising out of its business activities which include all types of commercial, residential and civil construction works, through effective operational control procedures.

  • It is a good business practice to guard against all types of occupational incidents to prevent injuries & protect the health of employees and preserve the environment.
  • All incidents which injure people cause, ill health, Pollute the environment, damage machines, and destroy materials can be prevented by taking necessary health, safety, and environmental precautions.
  • Implementation of health safety and the environment is a line responsibility and HSE professionals will work as a catalyst to ensure that all sites is personnel full fill their HSE responsibilities voluntarily.
  • Instituting of zero tolerance culture amongst employees will facilitate to us to march towards our ultimate goal-zero incident.

Our Beliefs

  • Provide the safest possible working environment to employees, subcontractors, and others.
  • Encourage HSE awareness among employees and subcontractors by suitable motivations.
  • Discourage actions, behaviors, which harm health safety and environment.
  • Build health safety environment requirements in all aspects of the organization.

Our Goals

  • Health safety and environmental responsibility shall be specifically communicated to all concerned and clarified to ensure proper understanding.
  • HSE will be always the first agenda item on Management and operational meetings.
  • Every activity shall have a formal risk assessment and aspect/impact assessment and all employees, subcontractors, and others shall be made aware of the hazard/aspects and control measure of the job being performed.
  • Organizations shall set periodic objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement through risk reduction/elimination.
  • All applicable legal requirements and contractual obligations shall have complied.
  • Health safety and environment performance shall be periodically monitored.

Our Path